Mid summer Update

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Hello Members

A little update on the golfcourse situation so far. As i think you are all aware the weather has been quite extreme and this poses tremendous challenges.

my budget only allows me to do so much unfortunatley and i have to be carefull how and when i spend the money. What i spend it on,and when to use the products ETC on the golf course.

The dry weather has not allowed us to renovate the tees and fairways. Its just not sensible to use up thousands of kroners worth of seed if you cant water it.

Also the same applies for fertilising tees and fairways. In my budget i had fertiliser that is designed to spoon feed the fairways steadily over a 4 month period. I needed water before i could spread it out and i was also waiting for an opportunity to scarify and seed first, but that opportunity never came. ( This kind of fertiliser is coated and will stay on the surface of the fairway for the duration of its life. I have to be carefull not to destroy the granules!

Also i dont have regular, trained greenkeepers working with me! i just have apprentices that i have to triain up for everything and my most experienced member Andreas is away for almost 5 weeks. Sometimes i have 3 guys with me sometimes 2, sometimes 1,  it all depends on the requirements of the school.

This means that almost everthing takes longer to achieve than it should, i am slowly learning to patient about this 🙂

I want to achieve everything as soon as possible and provide a perfect looking golf course for you, but i can only do so much. Unfortunately from time to time certain jobs are not possible to do regularly.

Bunkers might not be raked as much, rough areas might not be cut so often, generall tidying and presentation on some parts of the course will go untreated for a bit longer than i am happy with, but i have to priortise tasks everyday.

However this week we will start to renovate the tees. I have been able to purchase some more seed and we have some help from the Golf klubb to keep them watered.

Next week i plan to scarify/Aerate the greens, i will seed one more time and topdress. The green surface will be a little disrupted after this operation but the benefits will be far greater.

I am also trying to grow in some high rough areas and  present the course better. I would appreciate those of you who drive around on the golf course,either playing or helping me out  to avoid driving through grass that is not cut! (  if it looks long ,whispy and a  reddish brown colour, please dont drive through it, Thank you.

Thanks for now!







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