Bane status

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Saturday – Course closed until kl 11.00 because of frost

Sunday    – last day of play for the season

Monday   – Golf course closed for the season!!

Simulatorsenteret er åpen for booking og spill fra 24.10.18

The golf students continue to  need some playing time for a few weeks more and they will only use the course on Fridays if the weather permits, I will put out flags and tee markers on the fairways for them to use. But the greens and tees remain closed!

The greens are in good shape and i am happy that they are in better condition going into this Winter than last year. We will put some solutions in Place to help With surface drainage when the big melt comes again in the spring.

We have also been aerating   tees, green surrounds and fairways this Autumn, and will continue to keep going on the fairways until the weather stops us. This should all be quite beneficial for Next year!

lets hope for a kind Winter and a great start to Next season, thanks for this year and see you in 2019.




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