Hei alle sammen Takk for sesongen, håper du har hatt glede av Banen og greenene i år. Dessverre er det den tiden at vi må stenge banen for vinteren, dette inkluderer også putting greener. Driving range vil være åpent så lenge som mulig og beskjed vil kommer senere på stengetid. Takk og ser frem til […]

Bane status

Saturday – Course closed until kl 11.00 because of frost Sunday    – last day of play for the season Monday   – Golf course closed for the season!! Simulatorsenteret er åpen for booking og spill fra 24.10.18 The golf students continue to  need some playing time for a few weeks more and they will […]

Mid summer Update

Hello Members A little update on the golfcourse situation so far. As i think you are all aware the weather has been quite extreme and this poses tremendous challenges. my budget only allows me to do so much unfortunatley and i have to be carefull how and when i spend the money. What i spend […]

uke 22 update

There have been a few questions about the green surrounds and why they are so wet! Basically i have had to keep the system watering regularly to stop the grass on the greens from dying in this extreme heat. New seed was sown approx 10 days ago – these need to be kept permantly wet […]


Hello I appreciate the need to open the course very soon. So we will plan to open this weekend. My plan will be to have a dugnad to help with putting out all course equipment, raking bunkers and a general tidy up. And then we can have a dugnad tournament. More information will come about […]

course opening status

Hello Members I know you are all expecting to open very soon and we are trying our best to produce some grass for you to play on. the damage sustained on the greens this winter has been excessive and i thank you for your patience while we try our hardest to get the greens established […]